Are Moissanites certified? What is a GRA certificate?

If you have bought Moissanites from Etsy, Ebay or Amazon you have heard or seen GRA "certified" Moissanites. Even though Moissanites are good quality gemstones, they are not diamonds. Diamonds have several different certificates or grading reports, that are issued by accredited gemological laboratories.There is no facility that inspects any of the Moissanites.

Typically, certified gemstones are inspected and graded by independent gemstone laboratories. A gemologist examines the weight, color, clarity, and overall quality of the gemstone using state-of-the-art equipment before grading it based on industry standards. This information is then reflected on the certificate that is issued after the inspection process is complete.

GRA certified Moissanites are not inspected. In fact, GRA is not a gemstone laboratory. There is no facility that inspects any of the Moissanite that comes with this certificate. GRA certificates are pre-printed and usually sent with authenticity cards that trading companies in Alibaba purchase, complete with control numbers. These numbers are most commonly printed on a small sticker and attached to the re-closable bag where the stone is packaged. The control numbers are in a database and will be recognized on one of GRA's websites when you check it. However, it's important to note that there are several versions of GRA websites, and the control number you received may not be recognized on other GRA websites. 

Many vendors still use the GRA certification for their Moissanite products. It's important to understand that this market has been set up to mimic a diamond, so vendors use similar color grading and certification methods to those used by organizations like IGI or GIA. It's important to note that Moissanites with GRA certificates are not necessarily fake. The stone may be real Moissanite, but the information on the certificate is definitely false. If you bought a GRA Moissanite and would like to get it graded and certified, you may want to send your stone to a reputable gemstone laboratory such as IGI or GIA. These laboratories can grade your Moissanite based on its color, carat weight, and cut even if they don't assign clarity grade on Moissanite. 

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