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In 2021, we, a trio of friends, stumbled upon the world of moissanite, a gemstone that, despite its remarkable qualities, remained a well-kept secret. We were immediately captivated by its exceptional characteristics—how it rivaled a diamond's brilliance but danced with fire and spark in a way that was uniquely its own. This encounter was more than just a discovery; it was an awakening to moissanite's potential to redefine elegance in jewelry.

We were inspired to bring this stone into the limelight, to craft jewelry that didn't just mimic traditional diamond pieces but offered something more—a chance to wear a gemstone that was both stunning and smart. Amaral Jewelry was born from our desire to create transparently, sustainably, and ethically, ensuring that each piece was as conscientious as it was captivating.

Moissanite's appeal lies in its impressive refractive index, which gives it a lively sparkle that's eye-catching in its own right. It's this spirited fire that we wanted to share, believing that such a stone could offer a new kind of luxury—one that's accessible and fitting for all of life's moments. With sustainability in mind, we founded Amaral Jewelry, aiming to create pieces that were both beautiful and ethically produced. We saw moissanite as a gemstone that could be worn daily, offering durability and beauty without the premium often associated with diamonds.

Today, Amaral Jewelry prides itself on a collection that showcases the superior qualities of moissanite. Each piece is a testament to the stone's ability to outshine and outsparkle, providing an affordable luxury that's perfect for every occasion. Our commitment to this vision has never wavered, as we continue to explore the boundless possibilities of moissanite, crafting jewelry that allows you to experience its unmatched fire and brilliance every day.


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